Ten Advices About Social Media Channels You Have To Learn To Succeed In Social Media Channels Market

Jun 01, 2018  
Fifteen Primary Confusion Everyone Makes When Hiring a Social Media Channels for their Service

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Roundtable: Social media, and turning likes into revenue hikes

Somewhat ironically, Martin announced the move via Twitter – highlighting the power of the channel as a method of communication – but the message was clear if unusual in the current climate: the company didn’t see the commercial value of social media. It was against this backdrop that representatives from several high street retailers and online pure-plays came together on May 16 to discuss the social media landscape. Issues surrounding customer data and Wetherspoons’ decision to disappear from social were addressed, but three alternative key themes shone through during the debate. Representatives from department store chains Fortnum & Mason, House of Fraser, and John Lewis, fashion retailers Arcadia and New Look, online beauty website Feelunique, online grocer Ocado, and B2B electricals supplier RS Components were in attendance, bringing a variety of discussions to the table. All were clear social media is a vital part of the modern-day marketing mix for retailers – with some questioning Wetherspoons’ decision to quit social and rule out a generation of potential customers who take a digital-first approach to brand engagement. Short-term thinking with long-term implications was a theory shared by those involved. The common challenge expressed by the retailers was how to prove efforts on social media generate revenue for their respective organisations. One participant said “social media is our brand”, explaining how sales generated from social activity are better when not pushing sales. With new ‘buy’ buttons and advertising opportunities cropping up on social media on a regular basis, multiple participants said they were still taking a “test and learn” approach to where to direct spend and activity. There was a widespread view that social media exists to be educational, to build brand stories and to connect the online world with stores – and for that to work effectively “a relaxed tone” is required. The participants raised interesting examples of retailers using social for clear commercial gain, such as Sainsbury’s developing vegan product lines through the channel, Superdrug letting Nivea to take over its Instagram feed for a full day, and J Crew’s use of Instagram’s polling facility to decide which fashion line to produce. In general, though, there was an agreement social media’s value comes in its potential to personalise customer relationships, create brand advocates, and talk to customers where they spend so much of their time.

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Why does every social media site think their users want this? No, stop it. I'm subscribed to channels for a reason. I don't need you to tell me what I want and don't want to watch. All I need is for you to put the videos in my sub box as soon as they are uploaded.

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